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Spring manufacturer and wire form manufacturer for more than 40 years in South Africa. O.A.L. Spring Manufacturers produces compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and wire forms.

Compression springs include conical springs, barrel springs, hourglass springs and tapered springs. These compression springs are often referred to as helical springs.

Tension springs, also referred to as extension springs, are used in many areas where high tension is required. Extension springs have many types of loops including English, German and extended loops. Examples include garage door springs and trampoline springs.

Torsion springs are wound in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and create an appied torque. These torsion springs have also other forms and may also be referred to as extended torsion springs or double torsion springs.

Wire forms exist in many forms such as circlips and snap rings. Wire form products can be made on our 3D wire bending and wire forming machines. Clock springs are also manufactured. Spring manufacturing has become a highly specialised engineering sector requiring many years of experience in spring making. Spring designs can be made from our spring software for your custom springs.

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